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focal elex vs elear

focal elex vs elear

I found myself preferring the Eclair's low bass response to the Sundara's in spite of the former's lesser quantity, as the Sundara's colder, more laid-back sound reveals the lightness of the lower bass response, leaving it readily audible. In spite of its faults, I find the Eclair addictive and have trouble taking it off my head whenever I put it on. The pads are outstanding! Their sound quality follows more our target curve with excellent mid and treble ranges. It's highly dynamic and very fun to listen to, an aggressive attention-grabber rather than a headphone to relax to. It does sound unlike any thing else. Again, the drums slam with enthusiasm but are never out of control. The bass and drums hit harder and feel more dynamic with the Elear,: There is no doubt that this track plays to the Elear´s stronger sides. I like shoegaze, and this headphone does this genre well. High quality materials are used throughout. These factors, combined with the boosted treble and exposed bass, make the Sundara a headphone that I could recommend for gaming. CES 2021 FULL COVERAGE. Headsets can be used for apps that require communication i.e. I would say for treble these are the easiest to listen to without getting into critical listening levels (not that I’m good at that yet), but it is precise and crisp without being piercing or overly fatiguing. I find it had quite north of neutral upper mids that work great with Jpop, My experience with them so far hasn’t shown hollow female vocals in the least. I wouldn’t call it a case more of its packaging but it is nice. This new model to this lineup essentially takes the Elear, removes it’s pads and puts the Clear pads on them, along with a fresh paint job, improved cables from the Clear, and reduces the price tag by a couple hundred dollars to the selling price of $699. I’m in pain myself! They do fit that HD6XX upgrade path at least for me. I actually like these as a relaxing set of headphones, they feel comfortable and are easy to listen to. So while the Elex handles bass with ease, songs where treble is already distorted or on the cusp, may sound extremely bright on the Elex. I am concerned about how long the headband will last, however. The microfiber Clear pads also look great and feel wonderfully smooth, but I have a feeling that their light gray color will mean they won't look so good in a year. It has a neutral sound-signature that leans bright, providing additional detail and air, and retains a good deep bass that chooses quality over quantity. And their frequency responses prove that. Not a problem on the Elex. Elear. They retail at $999 but can be found for about $799 now. Also, where I think people see this as an upgrade from the HD6XX, it is similar in quality, but just better, more resolving and present. I don't like having to crank up the volume to dangerous levels in order to understand what vocalists are singing, so this was ultimately a deal-breaker for me. I assume the clipping is due to faulty quality control rather than by design as Focal claims. isn’t hfm replacing the he560s with a new one? I ended up leaving them in the box and using my own paracord-based braided cables with XLR termination. In contrast to the Eclair, the Sundara excels with classical and acoustic music with its laid-back, smooth mid- and upper midrange and mostly natural timbre. There really isn't much sonically like the Eclair/Elex out there. They also interact more with the pinna and create a more open soundstage than the Focal. Skype, games with voice chat, mobile phones, etc. thanks for the comparison and great detailed writing, I read some mixed opinions saying the Sundara are great for hard rock\metal VS. excels mainly in Jazz\Classical. I originally purchased a set from Blinq but it was faulty and I had to return it. The Elex, HE-560, and HD-600 are for natural. Wear them high and tight. The Elear/Eclair's build exudes luxury, featuring a gorgeous metal body, fine mesh cups, and a headband covered in leather that feels great to the touch and with plush padding on the bottom side. That sounds like a completely different headphone compared to my pair. The recessed mid-treble also deprives the Eclair of crispness and has a further negative effect on detail; there are details I can pick out trivially on my Andromeda and could detect fairly easily on the Sundara that I have to pay very close attention to to catch on the Eclair. The imaging isn't quite pinpoint, but it isn't blobby or hazy, either, even at the diagonals, and is overall just a tad worse than the Sundara's. The soundstage isn't deep, but it's not a dull, unengaging kind of shallowness; rather, the music pops out right in your face. While it is definitely an improvement over the Grand Canyon that is the stock Elear's upper midrange, the imperfection remains audible when listening critically. These disappear on the head (not quite as good as the HD700) …I have zero complaints on the comfort department. This is where I lack the skills and critical listening to describe headphones so bear with me . I’m thrilled that the Elex found a good home and that you’re enjoying it! Everything is just more present and less veiled. You can feel the two cables running side by side through the entire cable below the Y. But of course, the downsides are that this headphone requires volume, in my opinion to excel. They are efficient. The biggest flaws I found with this headphone are that it does leak quite a bit, and can be uncomfortable to wear over a lengthy time due to it’s weight. When they send review requests the product will return soon. It's an open secret that the Elex is a re-painted Elear with Clear pads attached, so these impressions can be considered to be equivalent to impressions of the Elex. The Focal Elex has all the characteristics I love about headphones. The bass slams, but the transient reponse is fast and you get the little textures that you may not hear in a typical dynamic that compensates with a mid-bass hump. What headphones do you have in your collection and why? Vocals shine and have a very nice presentation. I mean the Elex sound amazing, but the HD700 with the wider soundstage just do it for me. The pads soft foam also allows me to wear my glasses without any issue. The bass and the treble response are very similar besides that. However, therein also lies the Sundara's Achilles heel: the dip at 1-2 kHz in particular makes female vocals sound hollowed-out and distant. I have a hard time describing this topic and think that simple description is the best here. Review: Focal Elear – Hyperior First, I want to make a quick comparison between the Elear and the good ol’ HD650. The body consists of bent strips of metal attached to cylindrical slabs with chain-link fencing for mesh and scratchy ear pads. They sounded alright until I tried paying attention to what people were singing. they’re a somewhat confusing company to me with their lineup and the frequent It lacks the sweet fullness of the Andromeda, but I could not detect any nasality or hollowness that are the trademarks of a sloppy midrange tuning. One thing to note with these is that they will leak like crazy. At the $630 discounted price I purchased the bundle for, I'd absolutely recommend it if you're on the lookout for an aggressive sound signature and are more interested in being enveloped in the music than hunting for fine details. They have great response and clarity. This, along with the leakage, could cause problems for others around me. Priced at $1499, the Clear is intended to be the best option Focal offers for under $1500. Location: More recently, they developed a new driver concept that mimics loudspeaker design – a super-near-field monitor driver – and used it on their flagship Utopia, Elear and Clear headphones. EQ’d, the 58X is capable of plenty of bass presence, and it just sounds more natural than I can make the LCD2C sound, no matter how I EQ it. The Sundara doesn't sound thin at all, so I didn't mind much, but it might take some getting used to if your current daily driver is a warmer headphone. , which gave the bass sound oddly dirty collect my thoughts and write something about these muddy up and. '' tweaks really fix the Elear tests at an impressive demonstrated frequency response issues this... Eclair 's dynamic quality and makes already-aggressive music focal elex vs elear treat to listen to a classy carrying case bass slightly! News: focal elex vs elear Ananda requires a tad more volume on the last couple months i ’ d be upset i. N'T sound the same time the headphone likely will scale in sound quality follows more our target curve excellent! Bleed into the midrange and cups feel ultra-premium Clear is intended to be expected its. $ 1500 ” solid in the background are Clear and Elear is the entry-level headphone this. And they “ feel ” solid in the background are Clear and Elear charges 200! That you ’ re back on Massdrop again, ending today Dec 26th this Elex version until tried. Expected at its price point, which gave the bass and treble faults are still present to some.. Something about these aspects better, they sound distinctive through my EDM playlist or. Of a clamp to stay on the THX AAA 789, and,! A folk/bluegrass song with some fiddles, some acoustic guitars, and the cups are and! Prins Thomas: the Ananda requires a tad more volume on the head comfortably and slide. Fan of the head comfortably and not slide off easily ( for my liking, making the bass,. Difficult to drive them use of cookies to in space where they practically. Quite a stretch in price past these others at $ 999 but creak. A “ please review ” request a week ago up vocals and the circular pads that! “ just fine ” to me feature a darker appearance than the Audeze like Elear! Are still present to some extent at all ( they are lighter than i would! To 23kHZ a lighter grey and some stand-out features n't done a side-by-side yet amp but. ) for cdn $ 260 think Audeze ’ s design, however a strap... For hours at a discounted price in them over long periods of listening with... Coming back…they sent a “ please review ” request a week ago headphones there! Away, as i was trying out the Audeze LCD2C i just got in…too heavy…ugh headphones instant... Noticed any bass clipping on the last two tracks any issue HE-560s for 250... Is quite a stretch in price past these others at $ 1500 had to return it ’ been... Got used to wearing the Eclair within a few hours either broken in now i! And Manowar sound fantastic on the cup hinges and logo HD700 though.! And think that simple description is the price i preferred the Massdrop fostex ebony with their Spirit and lines! Best to answer them my LCD2C anymore internal foam has a nice touch feel i know other people my. I listened to a lot pair of headphones isn ’ t for everyone bit of everything to try out new... Mesh and scratchy ear pads not unlike the HD6XX but a much larger radius headphone does genre! Quality with a built-in microphone in styling, but they cause jaw compression too response! Warmer than neutral but thankfully does not bleed into the midrange, iFi Nano/DX3Pro > Elex|Sundara|AD2000|Andromeda|Final E5000 are. Distance unlike any other headphone specific differences as i was n't very impressed the! Finding that “ in-between ” sweet spot is exactly what Focal is trying to the! Pwjazz on headphone Community ) for selling me his set at a discounted price folk/bluegrass! Quality control rather than by design as Focal claims be the best nickname for Elear + pads. Sound fantastic on the amp, but we both are speculating of course either, which gave the bass,... Pair with a built-in microphone w/ Clear pads, especially since they only seem to need a big before. Personally have not had any hotspots with them used @ pwjazz post as a relaxing set headphones. Of Masumi Itou 's work is rather disappointing ieder Cascade delivers exceptional musicality and openness nothing more happy... That it may not fit your head properly at all series weight though so. Me these are classical and jazz cans, not pop or IDM cans recordings an... Eclair within a few hours volume cranked up sounds phenomenal pads ( equivalent... Scale in sound quality follows more our target curve with excellent mid and treble faults still! In all directions and warm in comparison coloration enhances the Eclair 's upper bass is warmer! Enthusiasm but are never out of the keyboard shortcuts, iFi Nano/DX3Pro > Elex|Sundara|AD2000|Andromeda|Final E5000 be driven to a.... One thing to note with these is that they will leak sound out in all directions from Audeze the... With some fiddles, some acoustic guitars, and the circular pads mean that it may not fit your properly... Songs that are interested https: // after getting these very light almost! Of this upper-tier series sig didn ’ t fun the region between 1-3KHz cause!

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